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The prefix will Ekoxens to Ekoxen is Blekinge county animal.
Ekoxens kennel has since 1991 been breeding Bernese Mountain Dog in a small scale. Today, there are also a couple of Shetland Sheepdog in our kennel, but so far s, no breeding of our new breed.

Ekoxens Kennel is located in Ramdala about 2 mil north of Karlskrona. The house is the lining in a wooded area with large garden and 30. 000 sq km of forest land where the dogs can move freely. Where possible, we have our dogs around us or with us.
Puppies grow up with the adult dogs, our cats and receive general social training to give them a good start.

Then it is not possible to have the dogs with us, it's unthinkable to leave the dogs trapped inside the house or let them sit in a car. Without such occasions, we use our dog house of 50 square meters where there are six boxes. The dogs also have access to large solid runs. Our dogs are never left unattended.

Our commitment to our kennel is to breed healthy and lovely typical dogs and quality will always come first. Over the years we have had the privilege of being the breeder of mentally stable and typical dogs. As an average for the breed in a very good result when the X-ray results on HD & Ed, a high living age and freshness of the rest.

Ekoxens Kennel engaged in breeding only with sound typical mentally stable dogs. The puppies are shipped, registered in SKK, vaccinated, wormed, ID-marked vet, and have three-year-old security insurance in force from the date of delivery.

On delivery of the puppy is also included with starter kit with appropriate puppy food, advice and instructions on care, feeding and more.
We are always interested in your puppy's development and journey through life and we appreciate the opportunity to stay in touch with our buyers, even when he's moved to its new home.

We are of course members of the Swedish Kennel Club and also in the Swedish dog breeders association, and breed clubs.
Membership of these compounds, means that we follow their breeding and breeders Carpathian rules.

Our motto is = A healthy dog in a healthy body and that quality always comes before quantity.

Best regards Ekoxens kennel